Hi, I'm Lee Frisari, aka Lee Free. I'm a Brooklyn-born first-generation Italian currently living in Los Angeles.

After working as a touring musician and freelance artist, an injury landed me a position in a niche tax office called brasstaxes.com. Working with other freelance artists around their finances would help me unlearn so much of what I understood about finance and about my relationship to it.

Over the next decade I would become a Certified California Tax Preparer and a trained meditation coach (Incorporating Nuero-Linguistic Programming, Psycho-Immunology, Martial Arts, Imago Communication and Trance). 

Currently I'm working towards my MBA at CalState University Los Angeles. I am also studying to be an Enrolled Agent and Certified Financial Planner while earning my degree.

My finance story is complex like most people.

My adult life began with a financial fallout. My family lost a business and subsequently all they had worked for. As a musician, I struggled financially but cultivated incredibly valuable experiences and relationships. Wealth isn't just dollars and cents, it's in all the resources you can gather and connect to as well. 

Eventually though I needed to face the music, I was cycling through one of the worst MONEY problems anyone can create at ANY income level: I was making money, but I wasn't keeping money.

It was weighing on my relationships and self-worth. I began attending Underearners Anonymous and the patterns began to unravel. I believe that step synergized my new career path.

I've now spoken to thousands of people about their finances and taxes, accumulating over 25,000 hours of experience and insight. Working in the finance sector satisfies my desire to help people live better. Self-worth and our financial wellbeing are so intrinsically tied together.

As a creative, I bring a very playful attitude to this work. I want to help you approach your finances in whatever way will allow you to cultivate a healthy relationship to both your dollars and your nervous system.

As a transman, I offer a safe space for the LGBTQI community to bring our full selves to the conversation.

Please reach out with any questions, I will respond directly. Look forward to hearing from you,


You can learn more about my past and current creative life here.